Tinted Photography In Kuala Lumpur // ” Hello beautiful people! ” this is their tagline and I’ll keep that in my mind as always! Back in 2018, I’ve been following them on instagram. Since then, I adore with their amazing works and thought about Wedding Photography. These amazing two, Sirjana & Ben usually will be sharing about creativity and how it works! They’re so incredible , oh lord I can’t get enough.

Recently, I received a parcel from New York and it was a Rangefinder magazine. I was looking at those name who’s on the list and shocked! It’s unbelievable, I saw these two are on the list too! I was so excited and screaming out loud. Thus, I asked myself “is it for real?”. It’s hard to express myself being named as one of the Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars 2019 together along with the people I follow and admire , Tinted Photography. We speak and congratulate each other right after the announcement, it was so lovely. The best part is, after awhile chatting to each other, they’ll be visiting Kuala Lumpur for few days, they said.

30-11-19// Look who’s here! This is absolutely a miracle, I still can’t believe I could meet Tinted Photography in Kuala Lumpur. At first, we were screaming out loud while meeting each other. We had so much fun talking about weddings, photography and stuff like that. Connecting with beautiful and kind souls which is a good thing, where we can share things together or exchange some ideas. In other words, I wish I could be like them, inspire people, exploring the world, meeting with new people and working at the same time. I can’t actually imagine living a happy life like that. We only have to do what we love to do. We’ll always keep learning and discovering new things that will allow us to continue on the path of success.

Due to a limited time, I plan to craft their story before they fly back to New Zealand. Plus, they plan to have some pictures in Thien Hau Temple (10 minutes driving from the city center). Since they’re not too shy in front of the camera, why not? They used to it, I would say. It’s such an honor to photograph a couple of amazing photographers together with their parents. Thanks to Tinted Photography! Much appreciated! It meant a lot to me. I hope we will meet again in the future! They’re so kind, I can say no more.

This is the only thing I can do for both of you guys which is blogging ‘TINTED PHOTOGRAPHY IN KUALA LUMPUR’.


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