A couple session in an old iconic cinema // A really quick session with these two, Qyqy & Xander in an old iconic cinema. A lot of people passing by this old building in Kuala Lumpur may not even notice it’s there, but a peek inside this abandoned space will reveal a hive of activities.

Why do I choose this location for shooting? I love to walk around and explore Kuala Lumpur area during my free time. And Once I found it has a very cool environment and it caught my eyes. We can see there is a big windows where the light coming through it, which I love the most. And also a vintage looks of this old iconic cinema makes my heart pounding and saying ” I wish I can bring a couple to have a photoshoot here as soon as I can!” .

For me, when we photograph people, it’s about history, it’s about looking at a time and it is impossible to reproduce.

Old Iconic Cinema Rex KL Quiy Quiy & Xander in an old iconic cinema.