Netherlands Destination Wedding Photographer

Dutch British Couple Session In Kuala Lumpur // It was 3.00 a.m.  ” Hey, there it’s Ecem (Will’s Girlfriend). Will told me that we are going to meet you at 9.00 a.m.  in our hotel.  However, we just came back. Sorry for letting you know at this hour. Can we make it at 11.00 a.m. ? “
Meet these two Will & Ecem,  a lovely couple from Netherlands had visited our small city, Kuala Lumpur for a week.  Since the weather was a bit warm for them, I decided to start the photoshoot at their place. But, still. Sweating, Like a lot! AHAHA. To be honest, fighting with harsh light at noon was a bit tough to photographing, even worse under the hot sun. Most of the time we feel like really thirsty while walking around at the city center. We’ve got a lot of pitstops, just to grab some drinks and continue with the shooting. Thus,It was really exhausted but we had so much fun!
One of the most stunning couples I’ve had the privilege to photographing. Amazing, beautiful soul inside and out. I can see how strong is the bond between both of them. Ecem is a bit crazy, crazy while Will, is a shy person. ” How did you guys met? ” he was so shy before he makes a move to approach and talk to Ecem a couple years ago. And It’s work! I think it’s a quite funny. HAHA. Both of them complementing each other. Since then, I would love to see this both Dutch and British couple have a long life together. They match each other perfectly, I can’t say no more.
“The marks of a strong relationship include love, respect, and chemistry. Communication is another strong part of a successful and strong relationship. Without constant communication and romance, it can be hard to sustain a relationship successfully. When thinking about a relationship, remember that the one in is special and unique. The person you are with is unique as well and they bring something special to your relationship. Always take the chance to appreciate what this person does for you as a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.”


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