Intimate Boho Wedding Ceremony at Glasshouse Seputeh

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been on the blog. Between Instagram and COVID…it’s been easy to justify not taking the time to curate an entire story when more people are scrolling through Instagram for updates. But I’ve realised that Instagram can really limit the stories that I can tell especially with each wedding having its own magic that makes it special. So I’m back to the blog.

To kick things off, I’ve chosen one of my favourite weddings that I shot last year which took place in August: the wedding of Wali and Nasreen.

Wali reached out to me a month before their wedding and we met shortly after that to discuss the details of their wedding. They are an easy going couple. Wali and I shared a common interest for photography and travelling, so in between wedding talk we chatted away, but Nasreen was soft-spoken and quiet. You could see that they had different personalities, but what they had in common was my photos!

And of course this thrilled me. It meant that they are entrusting me to capture their wedding.

Wali filled me in on the details. Their wedding would be held at Glasshouse Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur with a boho garden wedding theme to complement their intimate ceremony held amongst their closest family and friends.

Being a wedding photographer I am always excited to shoot the next wedding. No two weddings are the same and I get to see how the couple has envisioned their ceremony and how their family complements the festivities.

For Wali and Nasreen the love that they had for each other and that their family had for them was undeniable.

It made their ceremony come alive in so many different ways.

The day was full of emotions. Smiles, laughter and tears all around.


Venue : Glasshouse at Seputeh  | Deco : Weddings By Emma | Videographer : LH Media TV


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