Colorful Multicultural Wedding In Penang

“Alcohol and Photography is a life” –JC

I noticed that most of my clients have a deep appreciation of photography in their life which makes this wedding very special. What I love the most about wedding photography is being able to meet people from all over the world. Anyway both Yun & JC came all the way from the U.S.

JC & Yun’s joining together reminded me of all my favourite parts about wedding photography: experiencing different cultures, discovering new places, and the love between the couple. The wedding was colourful and perfectly represented their personality.

This was the best wedding to start the year with (besides my own of course). Getting to know them is amazing. They are a very easygoing couple and I was surprised that they arrived on a wedding day with their camping backpacks. They seem very relaxed and carefree.

It was a very hot day and JC was telling me about how hot it was. We were sweating a lot and the only cool place was where Yun was getting her make up done. LOL. Thus, this colorful multicultural wedding in Penang begin with the ceremony and ends with the after party. By the way, It was my first time shooting a lion dance at a wedding.

Enough reading, let’s enjoy this series.  Its a pretty short post, so I hope you make it to the end.

Make Up Artist : @christerchin_insglobal
Hairstylist : @joey_insglobal
Wedding Planner : @sugarnspicemsia
Venue : Seven Terraces Hotel, Penang
Co Photographer : Afiq Masri & Khadijah Haq

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