Beautiful French Couple in Putrajaya, Malaysia // BACK ON TRACK! It’s been awhile after the pandemic. Due to this crisis, being locked down is making everyone panic. It’s undeniable that coronavirus impact negatively to economy. In fact, some are losing their jobs, it’s really tough time. From now on, we have to be prepared in every single situation. Our country still fighting to flatten the curve and reducing the number of cases. Keep on wearing mask, it’s important to follow social distancing order in our community, in any circumstances we need to adapt the new normal. I’m hoping that we’re not going to be a virus carrier or obstacle to anyone else.

It’s a huge honor to be chosen by this beautiful french couple, to documented their love story . Recently, we are allowed to shoot in any places . Things already back to normal but as a new normal, So do I. But still, I don’t feel safe to go to any crowded area for no reason. This recent work, I was scouting a few places in Putrajaya a week before going to shoot this beautiful french couple . Since Putrajaya is one of the top ranting tourist attraction, So it’s my responsibility to ensure this location is safe for this lovely couple. Everything was well planned.

In short, I have really missed photograph rather than staying at home and do nothing for the past 3 months. Thus, I feel so grateful where I can continue to shoot. Doing things that I love & passion for, somehow motivate me to learn more about it. Clearly, this is an opportunity for me to look at things from a different perspective and I enjoy myself doing it. It’s time to embrace it, experiment a new things and make the most of it! Let’s get back to work!


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