This year, something really unexpected for me. I am very excited to announce the result of the 2020 International Wedding Photographer of the Year and represent my beloved country Malaysia. And again, my work recognized alongside award winning international photographers. I was among the top 10 in Dance Floor category, my image had been selected as a High Scoring Image & Category Winner. 

” Congratulations on your success in the 2020 International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards. You should be super proud of yourself! “- IWPOTY 

Let me tell you guys a little about this amazing image. It was quite challenging for me to photograph this image. As the disco light is always spinning around creating a movement of light. Thus, it is also difficult to find a perfect angle and timing as the bride and groom are constantly on the move during the first dance. I am mesmerised by how the environment and the couple connect together. The bride and groom’s passion, love and bond could be highlighted with their tight embrace and emotions. The timing of the light falls enveloped the moody, romantic and contemplative bond carried by the couple on their first dance.

In short, I really look forward to many adventures and opportunity to come forward for me to discover.

A little further about this news : Check this link out IWPOTY