A Malaysian-based Wedding Photographer Won The World’s Best Wedding Photos Award.

Ameirfikri, a Malaysian-based wedding photographer, has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of wedding photography both within the country and beyond. With his refined skills and global exposure, entrusting him with your special day will truly be a wise decision. He shoots in all honesty and his style leans toward the documentary. He would rather let things happen naturally to capture emotion and human connection. In this way, he tries to photograph every detail and every moment with his own perspective that brings a significant memory to each one.

He said, generally weddings are not only about the bride and the groom but other attendees as well. Capturing them without direction and unposed will brings genuine feelings and emotions into the images. Attention to people, details and context enable him to create a unique collection of images to complete story of human interactions and all of the characters present at the wedding. He lets the image tell a story to his audience, sometimes as a stand-alone photograph and sometimes as a series of images within the context of the whole wedding day.

Malaysia Wedding Photographer

He developed a passion for photography while traveling in Malaysia and appreciating the beauty of capturing memories of people he encountered. His journey as a wedding photographer become apparent as he fall in love with the concept of the coming together of two individuals that is passionate, loving, and desire to be forever as one. He conceptualize his ideas through his eyes, and how the environment takes him towards. His capability to capture these inexperienced concerns is definite and has existed recognised all at once of the 30 Rising Stars Wedding Photography 2019 for  New York Rangefinder Magazine.

Being the only Malaysian photographer to receive such an award in 2019 is a significant achievement. He has not only made a name for himself in the world of wedding photography but also represented his country in the international photography community. Being from Malaysia, the photographer says that being raised in a community of different races helps set himself apart from other photographers by embracing diverse cultural heritages in his images. And using his trusty 35mm also helps, he says, as he loves the wider angle, mood and perspective it incorporates.


” “On a wedding day, all eyes are on the couple. Yet, great photographers go beyond focusing on partners to capturing priceless photos of family members and guests. With this collection of 30 photos, chosen from over 3000, we are celebrating moments and portraits that are compelling, beautifully composed and artistically captured by some of our talented member photographers. ” – World’s Best Wedding Photos.

I am honored to be one of the Award Winners in the recent Friends and Family Collection contest by World’s Best Wedding Photos.

Congrats to other finalist, I am so blessed to be selected among other great International Wedding Photographers. ”

You can view the Awards Gallery HERE.


“Meeting the Photographer beforehand gives you the opportunity to discuss your expectations, preferences, and concerns. Having a good relationship with your photographer is important for getting the best possible photos. Meeting beforehand helps to establish trust and rapport, making it easier to work together on the day of the wedding.”

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