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Oh, hi Ameirfikri here, a Malaysian-Based Destination Wedding Photographer ! Most probably you’re looking for a photographer for your big day! So you’ve just landed in the right place. I am the curator of these masterpiece. Those are my collective stories shared together and you as an audience could bear witness to the priceless moment captured! Thanks in advance for reaching my website!

Destination Wedding Photographer 30 Rising Stars 2019


Malaysian-Based Destination Wedding Photographer

I love taking pictures candidly and I would say my style lean towards Documentary. I prefer to let things happen naturally and capture them as real and emotional in time that show emotion and human connection. Thus, I try to photograph every single details and moments with my own perspective which can bring a meaningful memory to everyone. For me, generally weddings are not only about the bride and the groom but other attendees in the whole event as well. Capturing them without direction and unposed will bring genuine feelings and emotions into my images. Attention to people, details and context enable me to create a unique collection of images to complete story of human interactions and all of the characters present at the wedding. I let my image tell a story to my audience, sometimes as a stand-alone photograph and sometimes as a series of images within the context of the whole wedding day.

I felt extremely blessed and humbled to be named one of the Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Star of Wedding Photography 2019 and represent my beloved country Malaysia. It still feels so surreal for me to have my work recognized amongst a huge pool of talented photographers around the world. I am extremely grateful to be given such a blessing for something I am passionate about. Wedding photography has always been one of my favorite things to do.

It would be an honor for me to meet the most remarkable human beings all over the world who’ve let me capture their treasured moments. Want to know more about me? Just ask away.


I love to shoot real couple and also ready to travel! Travel puts me out of my comfort zone. It also exposes us to new people, different ways of living, and opens up our mind. I never regretted a single trip I’ve taken. If you and your partner are ready to travel, just hit me up. It’s been privileged to capture your treasured moment! Let’s go!

“Thus far, I had attain the achievement I always dream of, and these little steps gave me a sense of accomplishment. My time as a wedding photographer is still new, and I look forward to many adventures to come forward for me to discover. A moment of appreciation to all my clients that made it possible. Godspeed”



Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography

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